Debit Cards




Shazam Chip Card


To Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Contact SHAZAM® or the bank as soon as you realize that it is missing.
By doing this, your card can be “Hot Carded” immediately and any unauthorized transactions can be stopped.
SHAZAM® - (800) 383-8000 or Security Savings Bank - (800) 871-8171


ATM Locator/Surcharge Free ATMS

When using your SHAZAM Debit Card, look for Privileged Status Logo for no fees.

Privileged Status




Download the Shazam BRELLA app on your Android or iPhone and view your checking balance and set alerts for your Shazam Debit Card.


Your MasterCard card has new benefits that include Identity
Theft Resolution Services. To learn more about this valuable benefit, please
call 1-800-MC-ASSIST (1-800-622-7747). You can also visit
for a full description of the new benefits and how to use them.

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